The Best 4 Practices of Responsive Web Design

The term responsive web design is related to the idea of developing a website design in a way that helps the structure to get rearranged according to the user’s computer screen resolution.

The 4 best practices for responsive web design are explained below:

1). Hero images: HD hero images are a quick way to grab a user’s attention; users will not have a problem with slow load times.

2). Rich Animation: Animation enhances a site’s storytelling, which makes the user’s experience entertaining, engaging and interactive.

3). Galleries and Slideshows: This is an effective way to showcase multiple images without confusing or overburdening the user. These are ideal for product showcases and portfolios.

4). Material Design( Alternative to flat screen): This technique is used for mostly designing mobile applications(app), it uses HTML and JavaScript languages, making it easy to add these features and it’s lightweight in terms of the coding, this is a plus for the coder.