The Best 4 Practices of Responsive Web Design

The term responsive web design is related to the idea of developing a website design in a way that helps the structure to get rearranged according to the user’s computer screen resolution.

The 4 best practices for responsive web design are explained below:

1). Hero images: HD hero images are a quick way to grab a user’s attention; users will not have a problem with slow load times.

2). Rich Animation: Animation enhances a site’s storytelling, which makes the user’s experience entertaining, engaging and interactive.

3). Galleries and Slideshows: This is an effective way to showcase multiple images without confusing or overburdening the user. These are ideal for product showcases and portfolios.

4). Material Design( Alternative to flat screen): This technique is used for mostly designing mobile applications(app), it uses HTML and JavaScript languages, making it easy to add these features and it’s lightweight in terms of the coding, this is a plus for the coder.

Guidelines To Ensure Cyber Security

Information stored on computers is extremely prone to several vulnerable risks such as theft of credit card information, unauthorized purchases from your stolen card, viruses damaging your entire system, hackers breaking into your system and removing or altering files, and so on. Considering vast amount of personal information stored in our PC’s and computers in offices, it becomes essential to ensure cyber security. 

Especially cyber spying or cyber espionage has become so common. Hackers obtain personal and sensitive information without the knowledge of the users by using malicious cracking techniques such as Trojan horses and spyware. Although there is no fool-proof method to ensure 100% cyber security but by taking few preventive measures you can prevent most of the risks to a great extent. 

Choose password carefully: many people commit the mistake of using a password which is based on personal information. The first and foremost thing which you must do is create unique passwords which are not easy to guess. 

Try and use both lowercase and capital letters as it makes even harder to crack the password. Always go for longer passwords as they are far more secure than shorter ones. It is important that you don’t use the same password for all the programs you log into. Else if the hacker guesses the password he can easily log into all your programs. 

Use updated anti-virus and Firewalls: Always use the updated anti-virus program. No matter which anti-virus you buy, installing it always enhances your level of protection. Generally, all anti-virus perform the same function. 

So your decision to choose a particular anti-virus can depend on upon price or particular features. Never open email attachment which claims to include anti-virus software as these emails are nothing but a hoax. Also, install Firewalls which provide protection to your network system from outside malicious hackers by blocking Internet traffic from uncertain, suspicious locations. Firewalls are crucial for people who prefer ‘always on’ connections such as DSL modems or cable. 

Websites properly developed

When visiting websites, make sure they have been properly tested and designed professionally, as this goes a long way to keeping you secure for a lot longer.

Rootkits and Botnets: 

Other problems which you should be careful about are rootkits and botnets. A rootkit is a piece of software that gets installed on your system without your knowledge. And botnet is an automated computer program which enables the attacker to gain control of your system by infecting your computer with a virus. Hackers use rootkits and botnets to access and alter confidential information and attack other computers. 

The best way to avoid rootkits and botnets is to use updated anti-virus and firewalls. But unfortunately, if your computer is infected with rootkit you may not be able to detect it. And even if you do you may not be able to get rid of it. That is why it is advisable to take the help of professional cyber security experts.

 In fact, if you are inclined towards niche technologies, you can also undergo cyber security training or ethical hacking course from a reputed institute. There are so manycyber security problems, so it is always best to keep a back-up of your data right from crucial documents, photos, emails and various other necessary files. You never know when you need them.

What a PHP,Web Design Company Can Offer Your Organization

Do you have an efficient website for your business or organization? If you don’t you are massively missing out on new opportunities and a whole world of other things. There are many ways you can get a website designed but PHP, web design is the best option for many keen on a providing a high-quality web experience to their users.

So what is PHP? It is a scripting language used by web designers to create websites that are more appealing and interactive than most other platforms. In fact, some of the most popular websites today like Facebook and Wikipedia are built on PHP.

“What can a PHP, Web design company do for you?” you ask.

This question cannot be answered in a mouthful because there is so much. First of all, it can provide a highly customized website that suits your specific needs. Be it for e-commerce, a point of sale software or any other function you will get a highly efficient system that is easy to work with.

That is not all that you can get. PHP, web design companies build websites that are user-friendly which will not just attract users but also keep them on the site for longer. You can also be able to collect insights from the users notwithstanding that your web pages will be optimized to load faster.

Among a plethora of other benefits, a PHP, web design company can build a dynamic website for you that is easy to maintain and which cannot be easily brought down by a virus or any other form of cyber-attack.

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